Mental health problems can affect anyone. Although men are just as likely to experience mental ill health as women, they are three times more likely to die by suicide.

Men are less likely to ask for help, talk about their worries or get support. Something has to change.

Sports clubs including Bristol Bears, Bristol City and Bristol Rovers along with local services near you have joined forces to raise awareness of issues facing men’s well-being and to support the Movember 2018 campaign. 

Whether you’re worrying about debt, finding work, your relationships, your job or any of the challenges life throws at us all, there’s a local service that can support you or help your family and friends. We’re here for you. Get the information and support that you need to improve your mental well-being.

Need help?

Local activities to support you

Find well-being activities in:

Thrive everyday

Simple changes we can all make:

  • Exercise: physical activity is good for your mood

  • Look after your body: good quality sleep and diet also help

  • Connect: check in with family and friends, it is easy to lose contact with a busy life

  • Try to drink less alcohol

  • Get involved in your community by volunteering or taking part in a new hobby

What can you do to support others?

  • Ask others if they are ok particularly if they look stressed or down

  • Listen when others are open to talking

  • Encourage them to get help and support from the services above

  • Tell others and spread the word about this campaign

Movember Foundation Supporter